CISDI is a fast-growing civil society organization, focusing on healthcare systems strengthening as a necessity to ensure an equal, empowered and prosperous society with a health paradigm. Strengthened by its staff capacity in public health, quantitative and qualitative research, policy analysis, human resources management, communication, and advocacy, CISDI optimizes its resources to become both the creator and implementer of health-related initiatives.

We are looking for undergraduate students or fresh graduates deeply attached to the growth of social media, latest news, able to use creative content application, and thrive working with a team of young, creative professionals.

1. Creative Intern


a. In the 4th year of university or fresh graduate

b. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

c. Ability to produce and edit videos will be a beneficial option

More information about Creative Intern......

2. Partnership Intern

Requirement :

a. In the 4th year of university or fresh graduate

b. Familiar to public-private partnership

c. Writing skill

d. Possess an understanding of global health partnership

More information about Partnership Intern......

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Nastional Youth Town Hall (Indonesia)

Nastional Youth Town Hall (Indonesia)