• Setyawati Budiningsih
    Mon, Apr 24th 2017, 10:01

    dr. Setyawati Budiningsih is a senior lecturer for Community Medicine and Epidemiology division at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. She also serves as the Head of Community Medicine Department. Not only has she shared her knowledge on community medicine in the university for many years, but her work has also had significant impacts for this nation as she has actively involved herself in many aspects of public health development in Indonesia.Her interests in cancer prevention, human nutrition and Human Papilloma Virus epidemiology have sp...

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  • Fasli Jalal
    Mon, Apr 24th 2017, 09:56

    Professor Fasli Jalal is a former Deputy Minister of Education and Indonesian Culture. Started his career as an academician and a Professor in Clinical Nutrition at Andalas University, West Sumatra, Professor Fasli Jalal walked his inspiring path to improve the quality of Indonesia’s education through his position in the government since 1991.Professor Fasli Jalal was once appointed as the Head of the Department of Nutrition, Bureau of Health and Nutrition, National Planning and Development Agency in 1991, and later trusted by the Minister of Education a...

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  • Wicaksono Sarosa
    Mon, Apr 24th 2017, 09:52

    Dr. Wicaksono Sarosa likes to see himself as a knowledge worker, facilitating processes of knowledge transfer, in the promotion of sustainable development, good governance (including the role of civil society), urban and community development.Wicak concluded his five-year term (2009 – 2014) as the Executive Director of the Partnership for Governance Reform, widely known as Kemitraan, a multi-stakeholder grant-making organization that promotes good governance in the areas of democratization, decentralization, bureaucratic reform and public service, civil ...

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  • Diah Satyani Saminarsih
    Mon, Apr 24th 2017, 09:38

    Diah Saminarsih is a trained Psychologist. She currently serves as Senior Advisor on Gender and Youth in the Office of WHO Director General in Geneva, Switzerland. She founded Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI) to continue the pursuit in achieving national development as well as global development through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and youth empowerment.In 2014, she was appointed as Minister of Health’s Special Adviser on Partnership and SDGs. During this time, Diah has represented Indonesia in numerous global ...

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Nastional Youth Town Hall (Indonesia)

Nastional Youth Town Hall (Indonesia)